The Sapphire of Sacrifice

Hi! This page is about my first novel, an urban fantasy book called The Sapphire of Sacrifice. The novel has been through several drafts so far, and I’m currently looking for beta readers for it. If that’s something you think you may be interested in, please contact me for further information.

Now, here’s the gist of what my book is about:

The story focuses on three characters living in Routley, a city that has been taken over by a demon called Pestilence. It is cut off from the rest of the world by a toxic barrier, and slowly filling from the ground up with gas that kills everyone who breathes it.

The primary protagonist, Rivia, is an immortal woman who came to Routley in search of an ancient gem, the titular sapphire, seeking to use it to purge the world of all the demons she has inadvertently summoned throughout her life and, by doing so, prove her worth to herself. She bears a great burden in the form of a mysterious, intangible entity of dubious intentions whose mind has been linked to her own for the majority of her life. Her arrival in Routley is strongly related to the onset of the disaster that now has befallen it.

Alex is a man in his mid-twenties who does his utmost to help the people of Routley despite his lack of supernatural abilities as self-imposed atonement for his failure to save someone very important to him on the day of Pestilence’s arrival. He struggles to cling to hope in a city that has long since been robbed of it. He is fiercely protective of his niece, Julia.

Julia is a sixteen-year-old prodigy who is obsessed with relic-technology, which focuses on the process of harnessing magic. She is wild, reckless, and unreasonably optimistic despite the world crashing down around her. She constantly wears an old, cheap necklace which she believes holds the soul of her dead twin sister, Elise, and speaks to it as if it were alive.

Together, these characters seek to defeat Pestilence, the behemoth who ruined their city – and to understand the forces that brought about Routley’s plight.

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